A Warm Welcome

La fresca® is a new brand in the market and was inspired by the woman who want to feel clean and fresh. We have tailored our products for woman who are confident, embrace their attitude and are not afraid to make a statement. We stand for all woman, giving them the gift of freshness at the start of every day.

Feminine Wash

La fresca femenine wash 16oz, Helps stop odor from happening, it’s gentle enough to use everyday, so now you can start every morning feeling fresh and comfortable all day long.

Panty Liners

La fresca panty liners are individually folded & wrapped for discreet use & easy disposal. They have been specially designed with a dry touch breathable cover to leave you feeling comfortable.

La Fresca for Men

La Fresca for men. A refreshing cleaning solution designed for the male genital area. La Fresca® for men eliminates odor caused by bacteria without irritating or drying out the skin.